Brief on Apps/Information for Impact

The BDP2100 aims at creating the necessary physical and governance conditions for sustainable development of the country. Knowledge development in support of resilient development is a key feature of the Delta Plan. Implementation of the BDP2100 will act as an enabling condition for the country, in its aspiration to reach a middle-income status by 2030. During the preparation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 a Knowledge and Information Portal was developed. This portal will provide information services to support planners and decision makers for participatory and interactive planning and decision-making processes. People however, do not know very well about the data portal – so they do not know well what information they may get from there.

This project ‘Information for Impact’, aims to design and to develop a mobile based application with a platform to provide location-based information services that will support planning and decision making in line with the activities of Adaptive Delta Management. The main objective of sub-project ‘Information for Impact’, is to design and develop a mobile app to provide location based information related to BDP while using the knowledge portal. This will support planning and decision making in line with the activities of adaptive delta management. Information and knowledge services will be provided using smart phone. The project ‘Information for Impact’, is led by CEGIS, and supported by the WUR.